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Am I alone in becoming increasingly annoyed at the amount of pirated/copied dvd's available on Ebay, and in particular the descriptions in these listings.

Whilst searching for a couple of dvd's for the kids, noddy, fifi, lazy town etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I was amazed at how many illegal offers are listed.

This morning I have found at least 20 different sellers all listing copied or 'Region Free' dvds. Just to explain that 'Region Free' generally means its a copy as most UK DVD's are region 2. There is no mention of the fact that these are copies anywhere in the listing and I am sure that many have been purchased without the buyer aware of that fact.

My advice to all is please ensure that you read the listings carefully and look for things like :

'If you are unsure what you are getting email me'

'DVD's will be sent in a clear case'

DVD's will be sent without jewel cases for cheaper postage

DVD's will include all artwork.

I understand this is difficult for Ebay to manage but do feel that they could do more to stop this and stop fraudulent listings.

My final piece of advice, visit before you purchase from ebay as occasionally they are just as cheap (especially when you add on the postage) and you are also gauranteed a original DVD.



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