Region free PS3

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All Ps3 consoles are region free the only problems you will have is getting DLC from the Playstation store, and playing in black and white.


To combat the black and white problem is easy, use HDMI! Why buy a £300 HD console and play it on a standard scart? If however you dont have a HDTV or an HDMI cable look into your TV settings and check to see if it will change to NTSC - Most TV's have the option to change it, other than that all I can suggest is buy another TV, prefererably with HD and a HDMI connection!


This guide : Is wrong in the fact that they do not work - in fact most of my games are from the USA, work perfectly and I can get all the DLC I want.


To get DLC for US games you need to make another account on your PS3 to do this please google "How to set up an american PSN account" Then to add credit to this account come on Ebay and search "PSN US pre-paid card or search sellers for Ken Mus (not me I buy from him an he is really quick at sending the card details to you, he also sends a guide to credit your account if your stuck!)


Any Questions on this subject I will gladly answer, but please dont read un-informed nonsense and take it as gospel, I hope this helps at least one seller of region 1 games from getting silly questions quoting this post :


One last thing, Despite what some people may tell you NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PSN DETAILS EVER!!!!  I will warn you now that no matter how stuck you get trying to set up a US account there are pictorials everywhere on the internet, giving out your details will open you up for all kinds of trouble.


Thanks for reading, hope it helps!



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