Reinforce Logitech Bluetooth Headphone Band!!

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It's a well known problem that the headband on these headphones are likely to crack. My set cracked after only two days. Unfortunately these headphones have been discontinued due to the problem, and a money back offer is all you'll get from Logitech. This is a shame considering how well they perform (headband aside). They are a really good quality set of headphones with bluetooth that can't be beat for the price. However I have a very robust and permanant fix for this problem for anyone that wants to do this. It is very easy and cheap and you will end up with headphones that will last you forever. Here's a review I posted on Amazon that contains all the details you need to fix your set. Hope it helps you people out...

So anyways onto the repair... Even if your headband has broken in two this will still work. It will only take a little patience and $5.00 of materials from a local hobby shop.
- 3/4 inch or 1 inch nylon tape (all hobby stores that have RC Plane materials have this)

- CA (cyanoacrylate) the stuff that superglue is made of but I recommend getting some real CA at any hobbystore. Get the "thin" stuff.

- Saran Wrap. yes the sandwich stuff...

- Scissors

Side note: I call the nylon tape "tape", but it is really just a ribbon of nylon. There is no sticky stuff on the "tape"

1)First if your headset has snapped completely in two use a little CA to mend it as best as you can. It doesnt need to be perfect but just mended enough that it is technically one piece again and headphones are seperated to where you want them to be.

2)Next cut off a 6 inch piece of the nylon tape and using a VERY small amount of CA, tack the top edge of the tape to the BACK of the band where the crack has occured (which should be exactly in the middle of the band in most cases). Use just enough so it sticks as you don't want too much CA getting into the ribbon. It should be hanging down now in the back like a tail. Note: Use the saran wrap to help hold the tape in place as you are tacking it in place as you DO NOT want this stuff to get on your fingers...

3) Once the CA has dried enough and the tape is stuck, wrap the tape under and around the band one time until the tape is hanging down again in the back. Pull the tape VERY tight and use a little bit of CA at the top to keep it in place.

4) Wrap around one more time and tack it again one more time making sure to always keep the tape tight when you tack it. You should have wrapped the tape around twice at this point. If your set was broken completely in two you may want to wrap one or two more times and at a slight angle to cover a little more area. When done, use some scissors to cut off the excess tape at a point so the cut end of the tape is at the back.

5) Now you can saturate the whole band of tape with CA. Use the saran wrap to press down the cut end of the tape as you glue and it will end up perfectly flat. This is an incredibly strong fiberglass patch similar to carbon fiber. The patch will have a very small profile (not that thick) and be similar in color to scotch tape, however it could easily be painted to match the color of the headband if desired.

There you have it. This is a permanent and SOLID fix and only takes about 5 minutes. I'm wearing mine right now after i just fixed them. Also you can do this (and I strongly suggest you do) to a set that has not cracked yet, because they WILL NOT CRACK if you do. Just do it exactly in the middle of the band.

Hope this helps all you fellow people that had problems with the headband. They work too well to just give up on them. If you have never done something like this before you can practice on something like a pencil. Break it in half, then mend it with the above procedure. Once you get the hang of it go for it.
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