Reliability and a pleasant drive - The Honda Jazz 1.4SE

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If you are looking for reliability, reasonable economy and a pleasant drive then look no further.

I have written another guide on the VW Polo and in it mentioned the Jazz, well I have now driven the Jazz regularly for 9 months and here are a few pointers for anyone looking for a small to medium size family car.

The average mileage per gallon of the Jazz after 9 months is around the 38 mpg around the doors, on a run obviously depending on how you drive it between 45 and 48 mpg. The car is very easy to drive and for both men and women, the driving position is good, the steering is precise and sharp, the car goes exactly where you put it without effort, the brakes do exactly what you require them to do with a satisfactory stopping distance.
The seats on the jazz when folded down provide a completely flat rear space, almost all other hatch-backs have a step of anything between 1 - 2 inches between the seat and the boot floor which can be a bit of a nuicance but not so with the Jazz.

The one thing to bear in mind as with the VW Polo 1.4 SE, the acceleration I feel is quite adequate and can only be described as steady, this in not a sports car and if you want wheel spin go for a bigger engine providing you are prepared to lose some of the economy.

The residual values of both the VW Polo and the Jazz are very good and as I previously mentioned both of these vehicles are just so close in all respects, my preference still remains the Polo but only just, I drive both of these cars for a similar length of time every week and have been able to compare and continue to do so.
Hope this has helped.

Would I buy the Jazz again - without doubt it is an excellent car for the money.
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