Remastered CDs

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If you're buying Cds on eBay-keep a look out for anything in particular that you like, that shows that it has been' remastered'.

Although *most music 'put onto Cd has been already been' remastered' (to some degree) - the manufacturers  by making a point of saying this on the artwork of a Cd, shows that the quality of the sound will be even better than it has done before.

Remastered  music can sound brilliant!.The love,time and patience in the 'post production room' that goes into making average quality recordings sound great  is something  that most people will be unaware of.

If you could hear the 'original' and then the 'remastered 'version -I'm sure you would agree that the remastered one sounded so much nicer -with better dynamics-including clearer high frequencies,more mid detail,and tighter bass.What is now possible to get onto a Cd quality wise is unbelievable.

* Cheap 'budget'compilations are usually 'thrown' together ,and can consist of varying quality of music-some of which can be dire!-along with audible level differences of tracks ,and bad edits!

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