Remember everyone on Ebay not as Honest as You

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I have never met as many crooked buyers and sellers in my life as I have met on Ebay , the list is never ending we just need to look at the amount of reviews there is,what I always watch out for is the descriptions these generally give you something to think about ,how many times have you read that this rare item they are selling was found in someones attic, or was their grandmothers,what you should think is their grandmother could still be living so they aint lying but doesnt mean that the object is old,how many have you seen and something inside you says thats to good to be true,,

1,This is a New antique chair still unwrapped has original Sterling Box unbroken labels

2,The Black Watch tartan curtains came from Black Watch Regimental HQ

3,WW2 wristwatch not working,,think it needs new battery.

4, We can give you a genuine Scottish tartan of every description you can imajine

5, We have a clan tartan for your name even if its zinkalokoski.

I love the Find your anscestors coat of arms they are generally all they same except for a few minor changes in design and colours.How on earth can they make something that doesnt exist and actually have people believe it.or have you seen on Ebay the Degree's you can have written out for you to hang on your wall , or your service with MI6, I have even seen out of date passports, Birth Certificates etc and they wonder why people lose their ID..

Another thing you have to consider is anytime you are selling anything in Documents or photographs dont take returns as many buyers recieve and then have copies made and ask you to take back as they have found a problem with your items after all why buy yours when they have already got copies of them.this happens to many people myself at first,its sad that so many people do such terrible things,.

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