Remington R9190 Vs R9400 - We Review & Compare Them

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Battle of the Ultimate Electric Shavers Remington R9400 Vs R9190

Read how each shaver performs in each of our 3 categories, "Looks" "Ease of Use & Maintenance" "Performance". Our expert in electric shavers gives you his opinion and crown's one of these models as the Ultimate Shaver!

In this review one of our team members Danny will give his personal experience of both the shavers. Having used electric shavers for the best part of 7years now, Danny is more then qualified to recognise the benefits of most features on an electric shaver.


The first aspect I will deal with is the “Looks”!

With both shavers having a similar design the main point of focus is obviously the chrome affect of the R9400. Like most people I was initially attracted to the shiny chrome model, I thought wow! Although after about a week the novelty kind of wares off.

I started to realise that the only person who really ever see’s the shaver is me! Those brief moments in the morning while I rush to shave, there is very little time to appreciate its looks. My girlfriend made it even more apparent when I asked her to look at my shiny new shaver, her response was “So what, it’s a shaver!”
So how important are looks when buying a shaver? Well…. in my opinion they are for the first week then not so much! Try showing or telling your friends about how good your shaver looks, trust me the response is not great! The R9190 with its simple clean silver look is also very attractive for a shaver, a great design and shape.

The second aspect to consider is the “Ease of use & maintenance” of the shaver!

Having almost identical features, both shavers are very easy to use. For the experienced and for those who are new to electric shavers it is as simple as On & Off. The process of cleaning and replacing parts is fairly straight forward, with nice diagrams and instructions in the manual to follow. No real effort is required for general maintenance in my opinion.

There is one slightly tricky task, which is removing the battery. Now in most cases there should be no need to remove the battery as the shaver’s come with 2 year warranty, which “I think” should cover all of the internal components including the battery.
Both the R9190 and the R9400 come with a nice deluxe bag with a handy cleaning brush.

The Charging is quick with both models, 60mins for a full charge for about 60mins usage, plenty of time to shave. I never had to miss out on a shave thanks to the fantastic 5min quick charge feature. You can charge for only 5mins which will allow enough usage time for a quick shave. Well done Remington great feature!

The third aspect I will discuss is the “Performance” of the shaver!

The real test is always with the shave, both performed excellently as expected. The shave really was close and comfortable very impressive. After about 4 months I actually preferred to shave with the R9190. The main reason for this was that it seemed to have a better grip. Maybe the fact that it wasn’t so shiny was actually turning into a positive. Maybe the designers at Remington had already thought of this and that is why most of the Remington shavers are not so shiny?
The grip can have a huge affect on the performance of a shaver. There is a technique involved in getting the best performance with a shaver, a good grip with the shaver positioned correctly against the face is vital. It’s the tougher areas around the chin and neck where you would notice the difference. For those of you who are like me and have very little time to shave this can make a big difference.

Now after about 6 months of use both shavers are performing brilliantly. The R9190 has the new self sharpening blades which ensure better comfort & closeness for even longer. Maybe this is why I actually prefer to shave with the R9190? Rotary shavers eventually need to have the rotary heads replaced to ensure the best quality shave and the most comfort during a shave. Anything that prolongs the life of the blades is a great thing. So thumbs up for the R9190 on this point. The best way to really test this would be to keep using the shaver until the quality of the performance is affected by the ageing blades. So I guess I’ll keep shaving and keep you informed!

My Conclusion- “The Ultimate Shaver”

Both Shavers performed brilliantly so congratulations to Remington on getting it right again. My opinion would be that the R9190 did actually out perform the R9400. The main reason was the R9190’s better grip, which lead to a better performance while shaving. The most important feature must be the shave because that’s what you buy a shaver for. The longer lasting “self sharpening blades” is a super bonus. What initially seemed to be a winner for the R9400 (the shiny chrome) in my opinion let the R9400 down slightly. The R9400 was close but the best shaver I have ever tested is the R9190 and therefore crowned our “Ultimate Shaver”.

We hope this review has been helpful, please feel free to contact Danny if you would like any more information, he will enjoy the extra attention!
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Please remember that this is Danny’s personal experience with the shavers.

Thanks for looking!
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