Removing Immobiliser Chips From Ignition Keys

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If you've just fitted a new ignition barrel and your car won't start - read on.

Q:  I've just fitted a new ignition barrel, but now my car won't start and the service light is flashing.  Why?

This is because your car is fitted with an immobiliser which is mated to a chip found in your old key. When you try to start your car, the chip is not found and the immobiliser stops it from being started.  The service light flashes to tell you there is a problem.

You need to remove your chip from your old key and insert it into the new key.  This is an easy job, but requires patience or you'll break the chip.

Firstly, split the old key in half to reveal the chip.  The keys are designed to be opened.  The chip will be held in place by glue to stop it from rattling around.  The glue seal needs to be broken in order for it to be removed.

To do this, use a Stanley Knife blade or similar, and gently run it down the sides of the chip to break the seal.  Be patient and gentle.  The seal is not particularly difficult to cut through, but over do this and you'll break the chip.

Once the seal has been broken the chip will become loose and can be removed by hand.  Again, patience is required.  If you try to force the chip out with a screwdriver etc you run the risk of breaking the chip.

Once freed, the chip can then be place into your new key and to stop any rattles, just add a blob of glue.  Job done in less than 10 minutes, but patience and a gentle hand are needed to be successful.

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