Renault Clio Spoilers mk2 ph2 01-05

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Having just purchased myself a new spoiler and been a member at a clio members club i thought i would write a few notes down about some of the things i know, i will only be discussing official renault spoilers here so if its not an official one you need to look elsewhere.

Firstly, there are several different types of clio spoilers that renault do, there is the thin strip spoiler that is your most basic spoiler, this is basically just a strip of black plastic with a red brake light, this spoiler isnt very exciting and will be found on the most basic models such as a the clio expression.

Next there is the dynamique spoiler, this is slightly wider, and has a clear brake light, this spoiler is also colour coded on some clios, the finish on this colour coding tho will very from clio to clio, this spoiler is found on the dynamique, the extreme, and will also be found colour coded on the non cup 172, non cup 182 and mk1 v6

Next there is the cup spoiler, this is one of the more attractive spoilers, whilst still been easy to fit, this spoiler is always colour coded, and is thicker and wider than the dynamique spoiler, it has a red brake light which is quite large, the wires underneath it are also extended to allow them to reach the normal connections, this spoiler can be found on the 172 cup and the 182 with cup packs, part of the cup pack for the 182 is also a nicer looking splitter on the front.

Next there is the v6 / trophy spoiler, this spoiler is quite large, and again is always colour coded, again quite an attractive spoiler, its basically an evolution of the dynamique spoiler in the sense that its very similar with a clear brake light but a much bigger flick as so to speak, there are however some drawbacks with this spoiler, the first one is depending on your clio you mite need to extend the brake and washer jet cables, the second is again depending on your clio you mite need special struts to stop it catching the back of the car and your aerial, and the last been it is quite a big spoiler, so if your car isnt at least a renault sport it mite look a bit too much, but i guess thats down to taste..., this spoiler can be found suprisingly on the mk2 v6 clio, and also on the special trophy clio, of which there were only 500 made (indicated by dark turini alloys and trophy decals on the skirts).

There is also supposadly whats called a renault "double spoiler" however i know very little about this particuler spoiler or even if its something you can still purchase from renault.

Regarding the spraying of spoilers most bodyshops tend to charge between £30 and £50 for spraying a spoiler, so bare that in mind when you purchase one that isnt the right colour for your car, and just because it says its silver doesnt mean its going to be the same silver as your car, there is at least 4 different renault "silver" clio colours.

Hmm thats all for now, i may add more when i get time, hope it helps someone

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