Repairing your PS3 disc drive

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The Sony Playstation 3 Blu-Ray Drive Repair Guide

So you're PS3 has broken down?
What do you do now...

Lets break this down into 3 options:
1.) Call Sony, receive a quote for repair
2.) Sell the console and cut your losses
3.) Repair the console yourself
4.) Have it repaired in a shop

We'll take a long at this from the financial point of view
1.) Sony quote repairs for drive errors from £99 - £139
2.) You paid £250 - £425 for your console; a broken PS3 sells for around £100
3.) Repair yourself, the option that this guide focuses on. <£60
4.) Shop repair, at £80 - £90, for the same thing that you can easily do yourself. You're going to pay about £30 for less than 1 hours work.

Option 3 is clearly the cheapest by a long way.

How long will this repair take: <30 mins.

The whole procedure requires no electrical knowledge, it is simply dismantling the console.
Whilst you could find 1000s of guides online explaining the repair itself, this guide teaches you what to avoid.

I would have liked to have linked to a video or a website that makes this an easy step by step procedure but since that isn't possible I will be adding to this guide with my own method of repair.

What should I make sure of...... The laser model and the replacement!

It is very important you choose the correct laser for your console.
KES-400A is the original laser (laser only)
KEM-400AAA is the original laser and the mechanism
KES-410A is a newer laser (laser only)
KEM-410ACA is the newer laser and the mechanism

The best way to decide which laser you need is to get stuck in and check.
Stick to making the decision between KES-400A and KES-410A, these are the lasers themselves and the model number can be found.... on the laser itself.

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