Replacing Your Swatch Watch Strap

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Replacing Your Swatch Watch Strap
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Swatch watches are as popular now as they have ever been with hundreds of different models on the market. Unfortunately Swatch watches were originaly designed to be disposable making it difficult if not impossible to find replacement straps when the original began to wear and break.

You can now purchase a variety of replacement Swatch straps that will fit any style of Swatch watch. From ultra thin skin straps to chunky leather chronograph straps, there is an ever growing range of replacement Swatch straps available.

Swatch Straps at Watch Battery World

Removing your old Swatch strap and fitting your new strap are straight forward operations. All swatch straps are held in place by a smooth pin. This pin can be removed by gently pushing it with something narrow. Once you have pushed it out enough to get a grip on it the whole pin can be easily pulled out. Care should be taken at this stage as plastic watches will become brittle over time and are liable to snap and crumble if forced. Once you have the old strap removed you simply repostion the new strap and carefully re-insert the pins.

When fitting your new strap remember that the strap end with the buckle should go to the top of the watch and the strap tail should go to the bottom.

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