Replacing Your Watch Battery

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The majority of modern watches are now battery operated with the battery needing changed every two to four years. There are hundreds of different watch movements and dozens of batteries to fit them.

Many jewellers will only stock the popular few battery sizes and will have the tools to open straight forward watch backs. Watch Battery World stocks every watch battery available along with the tools required to open and close your watch.

All types of watches can have their batteries replaced. There are 3 common types of watch case, the pop-off, the screw down and the screw fitted.

Pop-off watch cases can be easily opened but sometimes require a case press to fit the case back once the battery has been replaced.

Screw down watch cases require a special tool to open and close the watch and are more common on sports & waterproof watches.

Screw fitted watch cases are held in place with four or more small screws and are most often found on digital watches and some of the higher end prestige watch brands.

Many watches are now marked as 'Waterproof' or 'Water Resistant'. This can mean several different things.


'Waterproof' or 'Water Resistant' : Splash proof but nothing more, should not be worn near water. Not suitable for swimming.

'30m' or '3 ATM' : Splash proof but should not be submerged. Not suitable for swimming.

'50m' or '5 ATM' : Suitable for swimming but not poolside diving.

'100m' or '10 ATM' : Suitable for swimming, poolside diving and watersports.

'200m' or '20 ATM' Suitable for diving. (Always check manufacturers guide  as not all '200m' watches are designed for diving.)

If you have a waterproof watch then you should keep it away from water once it has been opened unless you have it pressure tested to confirm that it is still waterproof.

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