Replica Football Shirts

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In my experience, when browsing eBay for any sort of replica football shirt one should bear the following in mind...

1. Avoid Far-Eastern sellers like the plague. Goods from places such as Thailand and Hong Kong are almost always poor quality counterfeits. You may want to tick the 'Item Location' box to European Union or UK only.

2. If you see a shirt that is very cheap and located in the UK/EU, check the seller's feedback. In particular look for any recent sales that may contain the football shirt you're after. Some sellers buy cheap rip-offs from the Far East and flog them on as genuine with the prestige of selling from Europe.

3. Check the manufacturer's website for detailed pictures of the shirt. If possible visit a local sports shop and inspect a genuine one yourself.

4. Avoid bad English, innit. "Design is very beautiful!" - "100% polyester AAA+++ GRADE!!"  - "100% GUARANTEE SUPER FINE QUALITY"

Also, never forget to report dodgy sellers to eBay. Counterfeiting is illegal and rips off customers. I don't work for Adidas, Nike, or anyone else, I just have a problem with being charged anything for something that claims to be something it isn't. I'm on eBay to grab a bargain, not a fake.

Pretty simple guidelines, but they'll save you a lot of time and trouble.
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