'Replica' Gibson guitars

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Over the last few years we've all seen fake Epiphone and Gibson guitars being sold as the genuine article on eBay. Most buyers seem to have got wise to this and avoid anything that doesn't look entirely correct. However over the last year there has been a change to selling 'replica Gibson Les Paul' guitars, usually with the headstock blanked out in the photo or the name written as G*bson in the ad.

However they're being advertised, it doesn't get away from the fact that these are still counterfeit items...which makes it a criminal offence to knowingly buy or sell them. This means if you buy one, you're committing an offence, and if you try to sell it on at a later date then that is also a criminal offence.

The common defence you hear is "if Gibson weren't so expensive we'd buy the real thing"...the problem with that is you can still buy a very good quality Les Paul for much less, even if it has another maker on the headstock. Apart from that, even though the build quality might be good in some cases, there are many cases where you're buying Chinese junk.

More puzzling is that these guitars are often being advertised for around £350 even though you can get something better, and legal, on here for the same price or less!

Do yourself a favour, buy a genuine guitar and avoid potentially getting yourself into trouble or wasting your money. If you see these guitars, don't just report them to eBay, report them direct to Gibson (there is a link under 24/7 Support on the Gibson website) . eBay sometimes take action on reported items, Gibson take all cases very seriously.

And before anyone accuses me of being in Gibson's back pocket, I'd just like to point out that my weapon of choice is my trusty 1979 Yamaha SG2000S aka the Les Paul killer
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