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This is a response to comments about fake Kim & Co.  I'm not a Kim & Co seller, but buy a lot of Kim & Co, from QVC, eBay and direct from Kim & Co.  I understand concerns about fake products, but colour runs, creasing and stitching problems do not mean these items are fakes. 

Kim & Co has a known problem with colour fastness.  The company will confirm this, if you write to them, and ask for details about what you use to wash the product.  They suggest using salt water or vinegar and water - but nothing really works in my experience.  Their tags advise washing before use for this reason.  Some QVC user reviews refer to this problem.

I find it is worse (not surprisingly) with strong and dark colours - e.g. black, blue, red - where the colour will even bleed onto undies, camis or t-shirts, when wearing these, even after washing a few times. Now, I wash all strong colours separately.

The creasing is also a reported problem, which is mentioned on the user reviews on QVC.  (See the recent QVC TSV - sequin v-neck camisole, for example).

As for the quality - well, while generally good, I've had (and returned) items with faulty buttonholes and split seams in 'perfect' items, both direct from QVC and from Kim & Co.  One style, bought direct from Kim & Co was returned TWICE - two different items each had faulty seams.  (But I have a lot of Kim & Co, and this is not a major problem.)

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