Reportage R.G.A. jackets

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As a follow-up to the guide already here, the Reportage R.G.A. jackets have poor-quality tags with spelling and grammar errors in most of the languages, eg., "you have become the awner of an cur article," or "Par votre achat vous possede maintenant..." and an accent grave in French where there should be an aigu. A dead giveaway can be the serial number. Mine's 7894561 (bought at a thrift shop for not too much, because it *does* look nice when new, at least for a little while). There have been others listed with the same number on eBay around the world. With a real Armani, you'll never see the same number twice, of course. If they read this, they'll probably change it to something like 123678, but then there will be flood of those, because the manufacturers of these counterfeits are too cheap to make the numbers unique. Also, it really does look like leather until you examine it closely, which you can't do on eBay but can do after purchase or, importantly, before selling. Many articles, though, that haven't been very carefully handled, will have little nicks that show what's under the surface. PVC looks like sponge cake, leather looks like, well, leather...stringy underneath, and scuffs will be uneven, whereas PVC scuffs are very regular. And then there's the smell.. leather has that distinct odour which PVC simply lacks.
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