Rerooting rehair manes and tails on a My Little Pony

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Methods for rerooting, rehairing a My Little Pony for restoring or customising!

Rerooting hair requires sturdy materials. The biggest challenge is to find a good needle. It must be fairly thick, the needle must be long and open but without making the needle to wide as this will stretch or even rip your holes. I use specialized doll needles but tapestry or canvas needles are just as good.

How do you know how much hair you need for a hair plug? The best guage is to take a look at your pony and see how thick the original plugs are. Spending a little time on the preparation really pays off, you don't want to have the hair plugs to thin and have your pony look half bald by the time you are finished, and on the flip side, too much hair means that the hair will not lie nicely against the head and will stand on end!!

What hair should I use? There are many types but by far the best products on the market are Saran and Nylon. Please see my FAQ's page for more information on these 2 types of hair ^_^

The 2 most popular methods for rerooting MLP are the knot method and using the reroot tool.

There is more information on the other types of rerooting methods on my "rerooting for dolls guide"


The Knot Method for Manes

Create your hair plugs by tying a tight knot at one end (some people tie the knot in the middle)

After you have prepared your pile of hair, thread your first plug into the needle. The aim is to get all the loose ends through the needle. leaving the ends on one side and the knot on the other.

Once threaded, stick the needle through the first hole. It is best to work from bottom to top. Push the needle through with a thimble. If it is difficult to pull out, grab it with the pliers and pull it out with a slight twist. If the needle comes out but the ends of the hair are still inside (making a loop) pull the hair out gently. Move on the the next plug, threading until you have a complete head of hair.

You may wish to secure the plugs inside using a dab of glue. I use Appliglue or Fabri-Tac as these are fully washable up to 40 degrees, great for washing and restyling should you wish.

You could also try tying the knot in the middle of your hair plug and using dental floss to pull each end through which creates 2 hair plugs.

Simply thread your dental floss through your needle by folding it in half leaving you with a loop. Pull this loop through the hole which will leave you with a loop inside the head. Place one end of your hair plug through this loop and pull back through to the outside of the head. This leaves you with one hair plug on the outside, the knot against the inside of the head and one long length of hair which if you repeat the process through an adjacent hole and pull the hair back through, will give you 2 hair plugs for the price of one!

I will add pictures when I next do a reroot which should help explain the process better! ^_^

I recommend using dental floss instead of normal thread as the waxy coating gives a better grip on the hair.


The Reroot "Tool" for Manes

This has to be one of the most hotly contested methods of rerooting. Lots of people say not to use it as it is not secure, the hair will fall out etc

This is NOT TRUE! If you use the tool correctly and follow my method below, you will have no troubles.

Gather a strand of hair (half the thickness of your desired plug) and fold it in half over your finger. Use the rerooting needle to gather the hair at the center point. Hold the hair tightly within the needles fork. Push the fork through the hole and let go ~ ta darrr! One hair plug ^_^

Now for the all important bit that many people ignore. This is why the Tool has such bad press!!

Use a dab glue to secure the hair from the inside. You MUST do this when using the tool otherwise the hair will simply pull out again once it is brushed.


You can make your own tool using a needle, some dowel (or a pencil with no lead in it) to act as a handle and some strong glue.

Cut the eye of the needle at an angle so you are left with 2 prongs, one slightly longer than the other. Place the other end of the needle into your dowel and secure with glue. Done! Easy peasy!  ^_^


Rerooting Tails

Gather your hair together, double the length you want and half the thickness.

Fold your hair in half and at the middle point secure with a cable tie or some ribbon.

Grab some pliers and pull the ends of the ribbon or twisty tie from the inside of the ponies body. Pliers on the inside, tail on the outside.

PULL with all your might and POP!! The tail is through ^_^

If you wish you use a washer then please use a plastic one as the old metal washers rust over time.

Both these methods are good and absolutely fine to use for rerooting. It is up to you to experiment and find out which method YOU are most comfortable using.

Once you have finished your reroot, spend a little time with the styling of the hair. It gives your pony that finishing touch and makes it look more professional. You dont want to go to all the effort of rerooting to have it look like a birds nest!!

I hope this helps you!

Happy Rerooting!

Robin x

www. mylittlecustoms .com

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