Resale rights and Private label rights and the law.

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If your like me and you are into selling Digital media Products online then you really need to know what these different types of rights are and how they affect what you do and how you sell things online. What is digital media I hear you cry?, Digital media Products are Ebooks (electronic books), Mp3 files, Downloadable software, Seminar recordings. The List goes on.

There are 4 main groups of rights when it comes to Digital media, these are Usage rights, Resale rights, Master resale rights and Private Label and Source code rights.

Usage rights - These are simple usage rights that come with no resale value whatsoever, be wary of people selling an item on ebay for mere pennies stating they have resale rights as this may not be the case. Usage rights will contain the same product as someone with resale rights to it hence the product becomes easily expoited. if you buy from these Fraudsters then your product is not covered by resale rights and you are committing a criminal offence by selling it.

Resale Rights - These are the lowest level of Resale rights, they mean that the product that you own the rights to you can sell on for 100% profit but YOU CANNOT SELL ON THE RESALE RIGHTS. A lot of people on Ebay sell Products they only have resale rights for, once again buying these items and selling them on you are not covered by the terms of the lisence and are breaking the law.

Master Resale Rights - These are the Mid level resale rights Products. They are similar to the resale rights but you have the added bonus of being able to sell on the Master resale rights or just the resale rights to the buyer. These rights are extremly powerfull and can make you very rich in a short space of time. Imagine a £30.00 peice of software, the Master resale rights could quite easily be sold for £200.

Private label rights - This is the grandaddy of all rights. These enable you to take content from the product and rename it, Sign yourself as the author and many other things. If you are Lucky enough to get the right to sell on the Private Label rights you are on your way to making a fortune online with these due to there extreme value. A Product sold with Private Label rights can fetch £500 easily if you market it right.

This is just a short note about the rights and how they can work for you. By knowing what rights you have and how to use them I hope ebay becomes a better place for the resale of digial media goods 

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