Resident Evil 4 - Nintendo Wii !!

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I have just purchased the game a few days ago and have been in game for a total of 18 hours so far and still havent got anywhere near the end.

The gameplay is exactly the same as in the previous Resident Evil titles although the Wii version comes with the sensor controls which makes the game a hell of a lot more playable than any of the playstation version although the downside is your shoulder socket may become dislodged lol.

The in game merchant is a great addition where players can buy all the weapons on offer as well as tuning them up which you will need for the later in game battles as bullets become as precious as those first aid sprays.

Again you play as Leon Kenneddy whose mission it is to save the President of the United States daughter from a creepy spanish village whose local community have been consumed by a cult known and of course they are less than happy to see intervention from an outside source.

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