Retire peacefully and stay happy.

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I am 73 years old and I have led a hecktic life but no more than anyone else.The hardest part is trying to wind down as you get older.I had three sons ,unfortunately I lost my youngest to leukeamia six months ago, but I won't dwell on that.  

I found the hardest thing to do when I finished work was to relax,I still wanted to play the matriarc and keep the family together,what I could not accept was the realisation that my sons had grown up and had lives of their own.I did not bring them up to look after me so I had to make my own way.Hubby was long gone and I was on my own. I joined clubs,some good some bad but all were very cliquey and I felt as though I was intruding. So I decided that I would concentrate on just me for a change.  I went back to my old trade of dressmaking and put an add. in a shop window offering to do alterations on any garments.  This way I met many interesting people and had some very funny incidents as well.   Not only did this bring me pocket money,enough for the odd coaching trip but it stopped me from fretting about how  lonely I used to be.My sons have given me grandchildren and I babysit now and again and I feel wanted.Most of all is the time I have to myself .I read many books,and try to write poetry but I'm not very good.But who cares,It's what I want to do.

So my advice to any elderly person is keep your mind active in whatever field you are used to ,don't lose all that experience you have gained over the years.Try watercolour painting or writing your memoirs.All you good cooks out there write down your favourite recipes,offer them to your local paper or magazine,most of all just have a rest when you feel like it,why not,youv'e earned it.

So good luck and say at least I've done my bit. Best wishes.

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