Retro Art Glass On Ebay

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Retro Art Glass On Ebay

This is a jovial guide to buying & selling 1960s art glass on Ebay.

I have been selling glass & ceramics on Ebay for nigh on five years and recently had a spot of  bother with a Whitefriars Brick Layer vase. This prompted me to write my own guide to buying & selling glass on Ebay.

How To Spot If Your Brick Layer Is A Duffer!

When you list a Whitefriars Brick Layer you should be aware that the hierarchy of the Whitefriars world have there own secret society. It is a cross between a Masonic lodge and a Satanist church, there altar is made up of all the unaccounted Banjo vases where on the 1st of July every year they sacrifice a goat that they have dyed kingfisher blue.
When you have your vase listed you will get a few questions asking you to show them pictures of your vases bottom. Don't be afraid this is quite normal in the Whitefriars lodge it is a key part of there sect to be anal and to look at each others bottoms.
It is a good idea to comply with there requests as if you don't they will start to issue threats against you. Remember some secret societies can get aggressive. A common ploy is to make ridiculas bids on your vase and not pay. Whilst this is very petty it is also a ploy to get your address for what purposes we at Shugden Antiques are yet to find out.

Most Whitefriars collectors are normal sane law abiding people and not members of this 'sect' so dont worry. Whitefriars glass is lovely and Baxter did a great job with his colourings and designs but starting a cult over it is just abit strange.

Shugden Antiques spend hours every day of the week searching fairs, auctions and boot sales to find the best possible ceramics, glass & antiques. Everyone can be caught out but threats, intimidation & cyber bullying is damn right out of order.

Any bidder is welcome to come to our shop, view our feedback & ask for photos any time of the day or day of the week. We mainly do Ebay for abit of fun and it acounts for about 50% of our trade. Recently it has become tiresome and a small group of 'fanatics' started to spoil it for everyone.

Ben @ Shugden Antiques
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