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Perhaps it's more than a spot of nostalgia! Just seems that so many gamers are looking back to the golden days of acarde and pc games.  The 80's saw a revolution and break out of many different types of games and gaming platforms, Atari,Ingersol, just to name a few! should we forget the popular acade machines, so much focused pleasure of fun, escapism  into cyber world, man and the silicon chip foaming a simbiotic relationship, perhaps then this is the reason why reload to seek out these forgotten games of the birth! games and the gamer. Perhaps this sibionic merger was never broken.

This is more than evident, as I tend to sell many of the older type motherboard platforms to woodbe builders.  The At and the Atx socket 7 boards seem to be the popular choice, although many have also brought the Mpga370 boards.  These boards fit the requiremets of the retro gamers, as they have the necessary ISA exspansion slots needed. 

Building a retro games machine with one of these boards! gives you a powerful platform to run these games than the original made to play machines, were limited in the thier performnce and the amount of up-graded available, using an At or an Atx boards allows for the fastest chip available,with over-clocking this increases the performance, and many will take the pc133 and pc150mhz Sdram memory.

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