Return Postage - Why Should Buyers Pick Up The Bill

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I am writing this because i am getting just a little Pis--d off now with sellers  listing items just as they like with no thought or consideration for the buyer.

Time and again it has happened, you buy something, it comes, you open it and yes you guessed it its a piece of crap. So you email the seller to tell them about it and they say as always " Hey not a problem mate just send it back for a full refund " Well i have had enough of " JUST " sending things back and losing a £5 here a £10 there on return potage, why should i foot the bill for there incompetence. I am sure every one that is reading this has lost out on some return postage cost's at some point or other during there time on ebay.

I believe i have lost somewhere in the region of around £100 in avoidable postage cost's just because the seller did not take the time to list the faults / marks / bits missing etc etc from many items. Had they done this i could of choosen whether or not to bid or could of bid less, So its time sellers took note, buyers need to let them know by leaving a big fat Negative for them.

After they receive a couple for item not as described Negatives they will soon start and take notice and just maybe list things exactly as they are and save us all a fortune on unneccesary / avoidable return postage costs.

So from now on let us all start and let the bad / lazy sellers know about it by leaving " Honest " Negative feedback instead of just being polite.

Thats nice to see 2 people who do not agree with the above statement, i bet they are people who have been left negative feedbacks for poor items and just want to give me a non helpful vote out of spite, why else would this be unhelpful  :-)

If you agree give me a vote and hopefully they will soon get the message!

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