Return postage.Don't pay it.

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 Edited. (Make sure you read all the post). If you buy from a Business seller( Buy It Now not Auction) and the item is faulty or the wrong item.Ask for a refund in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations and say to the seller the item is available for your collection.If they do not pay and try and press you into opening a  case in the resolution center of Paypal or Ebay don't do it.Ebay and Paypal will tell you to send the item back at your own cost, it's their policy.The only way that you will get your money back if the seller keeps saying "send it back and I will refund" is to issue proceedings in the County Court.Show the Judge the email saying "send it back and I will give you a refund" and you will win your case. It is against the Distance Selling regulations.The DSR are available on the net and info is available at the office of fair trading. Ebay and Paypal are not acting in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations when they accept that a refund is due and they(Paypal and Ebay) say "send it pack by tracked post at your expense".It is a discrace.The Distance Selling Regulations were brought in by parliment to protect buyers from dodge business sellers yet Ebay and Paypal are acquiecing with them.Ebay and Paypal have made it almost imposible to contact them and take issue about this "Fiddle" on return postage costs.Buyer protection NO WAY! It is possible to write to your MP about the failure to apply the DSR.Search "Write to them" and you will get your MP and his email.                                                       
EDIT:Further to the Above what I have started doing now is if I suspect that there may be a problem and I may need to return an item.I buy the item and pay by Paypal and put a note on the payment saying"Return postage will NOT be paid on items that are significantly not as described or defective.In such cases refunds may be requested and will be persued via the County Courts if necessary.If you are unable to supply this item as listed refund the buyer now." Please feel free to use this statement on your purchases it is in accordance with the Sale of goods act 1979 and 1981 sevices and goods act..You have been clear to the seller, and if he had not wanted to accept your terms he should have refunded you.
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