Revamp Your Bathroom with New Accessories

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Often, we take areas of our home for granted, and don't realize the importance they hold in our lives. Bathrooms are one such location in the house that could get overlooked. When was the last time you revamped your bathroom with some new additions?

Given that the bathroom can be a traffic jam in the morning in many households, maybe it's time to pay it some care and attention?

Bathrooms benefit from proper lighting, particularly near the mirror, where we spend time brushing our teeth, washing and shaving. An ideal arrangement would also be to have a window adjacent to the mirror, so there is plenty of natural light. 

The bath area must first and foremost be kept clean. This means everyone in the household cleaning it after their bath. Also, wiping down extraneous water from walls will help prevent any build up of mould or mildew.

Now we come to another important aspect of bathroom design; accessories. These are relatively small fixtures that can make all the difference to the appearance of the bathroom. 

For example how about a new:-

Freestanding Toilet Roll Holder : There are some lovely freestanding chrome finished toilet roll holders available. These include traditional designs, arc shaped, lift top and spiked. Some come with storage capacity for spare toilet rolls.

Towel Rail and Rack : Towel storage is available in chrome finish rails and racks. There are freestanding units, over door rails and also wall mounted racks. These can be elegant designs and provide useful towel storage.

Soap Bridge : These can be in chrome finish or in bamboo wood finish. The chrome design model is extendable so it will fit virtually any width of bath.

Under Basin Storage Unit : Placed snugly under the wash basin, chrome finished under sink storage units are very useful to store supplies such as toilet rolls, toothpastes, soaps, spare towels, cleaning liquids etc.

Shaker Style Storage Cabinet : There are several designs of shaker style cabinets finished in white wood. The styles include wall mounted corner cabinets which are useful where floor space is at a premium and freestanding floor standing cabinets with either a lidded top or lift off top.

For a relatively modest outlay, the bathroom can be given a facelift through the introduction of new accessories and CaraselleDirect's eBay Shop could be a useful starting place in searching for various types of bathroom accessories



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