Revamping Jewellery = New Outfit

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Submitted by BzzAgent Merlin2

~~With fashion having new and different 'style' changes more frequently than trips to the supermarket it is difficult for girl on a limited budget ( and a BzzAgent who wants to share) to keep outfits looking different and reflecting some of the fashion styles that are introduced.

Using 'vintage' jewellery can change your outfit and using eBay to find anything from a broken necklace or even just one earring can be transformed in to something new and brilliantly different that no-one else will have.

I have changed two broken necklaces in to one with stunning effect and people asking 'where did you buy that?'

Look for anything under vintage jewellery on eBay. From the 1970's is really good with loads of vibrant colours. Try not to mix too many colours but keep to a theme of purples/pinks, blues/greens etc.

Sometimes if you find an item (necklace. brooch or earring) that has a centre piece, use that as the main focus and mix other beads or stones/gems around that and the colours of your outfits you want to use the jewellery with.

If you have an old chain and you find just one earring on eBay, don't dismiss it! Attach the earring (use the hook of the earring and twist using pliers through the chain links to secure). Add as many as you want to the chain and build up a unique design.

It doesn't cost much and you can change your new jewellery as much as you want re-using chains over and over and changing with the seasons and fashion as it happens.

The only limit is your imagination! Go girls and create the unique!
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