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I had fancied making this model after seeing a pal of mine totally fail to make this kit properly back in the 1980's. Back then it was marketed and packaged by that fabulous company Matchbox. Now its only just available as a Re-packaged Revelle Kit. Exactly the same kit, just a crazyily bigger more space waisting box with a different box art-work.  The kit parts themselfs reminded me, upon first examination, of one of those short run or vac formed kits. It goes together quite well for its vintage. Don't expect the trappings of modern moulding technology though. the L shaped bracket that is supplied to enable the model maker to build the kit in the wing folded configuration, this part should show some internal wing structure on its end. its woefully inacurate and awfull. The folded wing end cries out for an after market detail set, without one you can't build this wing fold "out of the box." So I built mine wings out in a flying position mounted showing the plane banking on its starboard wing.  The weapons stores on the wing pylon are basic to say the least, so are the pilot, co pilot figs. The canopy is great , clear and firm, with two options available. water slide decals are of the age, with large areas of clear carrier. The red lined wing "do not walk here" were unusable, due to their large clear covered carrier film. But the checker board decal on the wing tip tanks and the teeth on the underside of the fusilage look great.

Despite its age, it went together ok. An old kit is an old kit, technology is an advancing art, compared to todays kits it doesn't hold up that well. But as far as I am aware its the only 1/32 scale Venom out there. The large wing area gives the model maker scope for toned in sea salt weathering, it being a Navy plane and all. the checker board decal on the wing tanks look great adding some contrast to a sea grey craft. I'm very pleased with the end result, but I'm going to stick to modern/ new release kits from now on.

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