Review : Olympus E-510 DSLR Digital Camera.

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What can I say. Bought the 2 lens kit + body. What an amazing camera. Image quality is superb and the range of adjustments is mind boggling. All for less than £300 now !! ... All the old olympus OM fit lenses will (If you buy an adaptor) work, although in manual focus / aperture.  Picked up a 14mm macro and 400mm telephoto OM fit lenses for £12.95 combined on here ... Barguin !

The inbuilt image stabilisation function is THE BEST I have ever used - Being inbuilt into the camera makes even old lenses stabilised .. Up yours Nikon !! ... Try 1.5 second exposure hand held and the picture is perfect. Automatic dust removal on startup means so far Ive not had one dust spot on a pic.

The camera is light but feels robust, its not waterproof but will stand up to splashes and my dunk in the mud ... DOH ... Cleans up well to.

I was looking at the Canon 40D but this one does everything just as well for a lot less cash ... The only thing I can see that the Canon has over the E-510 is the multishot function. The canon can take more shots slightly faster without having to stop and write to the mem card.

All in all its - 9.5 / 10

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