Review On Kontrol Sports Sunglasses By A Customer

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An interesting email from a customer in New York teaching Physical Education that may help other customers:

  Way back in 1997 I started getting into triathlon sports. With all the
 costly gadgets and eye protection needed I was restricted. The sunglasses I
 needed demand a great deal due to exposure to heat, sweat, salt water, dust
 etc.. Those expensive brands, Rayban and Rudy Project I first used were good
 but were draining my budget everytime I bought new ones. I tried other
 brands with lower costs but all those are very poor in quality. I thought I
 could never find a high quality performance pair of sunglasses at an
 affordable price, but not until 2003 when I first seen Kontrol in the
 market. The first thing that caught my attention is the sporty design and
 it's COOL looks. I tried it's fitting with the comfy hold on my face and eyes
 and upon knowing it's price, I thought WOW with my eyes wide open.
 Ever since then I tried their variety of models especially the new ones
 coming out every year. I may say I already have a Kontrol collection because
 getting a new pair elsewhere is a pain in the wallet. No More.
 My favourite of my first 3 pairs is the one that looks like Oakley M- frame.
 I don't know it's model name because it is faded and I don't think Kontrol
 make it anymore (Ryder/Ranger?) Till this time i'm still using it especially
 in my handyman jobs because they have clear lenses. Presently I have the
 very aggressive/fast looking Kontrol Gelshock SP, I usually use these in my
 biking. It's metallic blue lenses look great and can withstand the toughest
 sun glare. In addition, the 6 vents on the side eliminates fogging. Me and
 my wife both have the Gelshock Yellow, Amber, Blue Smoke and the stylish
 Blue Nova. We alternately use them day by day matching our activity and
 style. Though all of these models have unbreakable frames and cool lenses,
 the Blue Nova earns our highest score. Our family's glasses withstand the
 most punishment there is. I may say, for alround purposes whether in
 fashion, action or sports day or night the Blue Nova's lightweight
 durability and eyecatching lenses made it number one for me and my wife.
 Thanks for the people who made these amazing sunglasses at an amazing
 affordable price.
 Alvin A.
        Gelshock Yellow
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