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Review: Tom Tuskan Leather by Surrati Perfumes

This honest review of Tom Tuskan Leather (Tuscan Leather) is split up into 4 parts. Please skip to the CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION for the summary.


I am an Oudh and Arabian perfume fanatic. I have travelled the world interested in just perfumery and believe that my sense of smell has greatly developed. I started off with the major Arabian brands, being content with what I was smelling. As time moved on and gained experience in this field, I started trying out Oudh and perfume oils from smaller niche perfumeries. It is only then I really realised what was out there and all the hidden gems that needed to be uncovered. Since then, I have been exploring the less known perfume houses that make, in my opinion, the best Arabian scents.


Being a fan of Oud Wood and Tom Oudh, naturally, I was trying out others from the range. I have never been a true fan of leather, it just didn't appeal to me. However, after trying the original, it was clear that this was something different, especially with the raspberry/fruity presence.

After getting accustomed to the original and wearing it occasionally, I decided to purchase Tom Tuskan Leather by Surrati perfumes.


One word 'WOW'. Tom Tuskan Leather is, in my opinion, very similar to the original. The notes are layered exactly as the original. The dry down does take longer to reach, but once it does, it is immaculate. The fruity backhand is also present perfectly. What's even better is that it is a oil, and therefore more potent. Also, it is portable and therefore so easy to reapply if need be. But, I highly doubt that will be necessary. Tom Tuskan Leather has excellent longevity and silage that just amazes people around you.

I would say that the introduction of the raspberry is slightly earlier than the original, but you will not notice this. Also, it is a little more 'powdery' than the original which again is not really noticeable.


Whether you are new to this fragrance or have a veteran, you will love it. It is more economical and once you get used to oils, you will not turn back.

I did mention the two tiny snags I picked up on and if you want something identical, I would recommend you go for the HAYBA PERFUMES version. I use their version now and can confidently say it is beautiful. It is harder to find, but once you find it, it will truly be rewarding.

If you are thinking of purchasing the Surrati Perfumes version, please be vigilant about who you purchase from. From past experience, I have come across sellers who are selling fakes, diluted versions and also very old stock. I would stick to authorised sellers where possible.

Thank you for reading this review and all the best with your fragrance journey!

Click HERE to buy TOM TUSKAN from where I used to purchase from.

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