Review and how to spot fake Baba de Caracol Snail Cream/Gel

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How to spot fake Baba de Caracol Snail Cream, Gel and Serum and review

About me: I have been a snail cream user for the past 2.5 years. I was first introduced to the baba de caracol phenomenon while searching for an effective scar remover for my acne scars. I did countless amount of research on the whole efficacy and effectiveness of the baba de caracol elements of the cream, coming from a science background, it was very interesting an promising. I finally found the perfect gel and purchased it from eBay and have been using the same product since then. The results have spoken for themselves, I continue to this day to purchase more.

As of late, I have noticed a great influx of Baba de Caracol products on eBay. At first I was excited to see what other people had to offer, but after further analysis, most of them are fake.

How to spot fake snail creams and gels:

1. Fake creams originate from places like China and Taiwan. This may sound harsh but original Caracol Cream should be from South America only. It is important to understand that the reason for the miraculous healing powers is due to the species of Helix Aspersa used. You CANNOT use snails that come from China, only those that are located in specific parts of South America and nurtured and cultivated in specific environment.

It pains me to see these sellers claiming authenticity and buyers like me getting caught out. ASK WHERE THE PRODUCT IS FROM. LOOK ON THE PACKAGING AFTER PURCHASING - If it does not say 'Made in "a country of South America" ' Something is wrong. I have heard people buying from eBay and sellers claiming the product to be from South America and upon receiving the package, it does not say the origin = China. Buying these creams is a total gamble, I don't need to go into possible heavy metal contamination.

2. Price: A usual 50ml jar of high quality cream costs me about £16.99. Recently there has been 100ml/150ml jars being sold for cheaper. DO NOT COMPROMISE ON QUALITY. You will not receive the same level of quality skin care. It is important to realise that you are buying quality and NOT quantity. Think about it. You will reap the benefits later.

3. New copy snail creams and gels claim to have 90% snail. How is this possible? It is well known that the 80% extract found in high quality creams is at 80% for a reason. IT IS OPTIMUM. Buying a supposedly larger % is not going to give you better results, in fact, probably detrimental.

4. Some Baba de Caracol advertise Snail mucous or Snail slime - Don't bother. You are looking for EXTRACT. Slim and mucous is just what the snails leave behind, it contains less of the active ingredients. Extract is the gold standard.

5. Buy NATURAL and ORGANIC versions of Baba de Caracol Snail cream and gel. This is usually available from trusted sellers only due to many products claiming to being organic and natural when in fact they are not. Natural and Organic refers to the snail extract itself and guarantees ethical and safe practices for production and extraction from the snails.

I hope this review helps. I just wanted to share my experience using this amazing product and help fellow buyers out. Please don't get caught out!
If you are looking for the snail crema I purchase, have a look on eBay for the one distributed by Beauty Studio Powersella4:

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