Review of ASUS H81 Gamer motherboard

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asus h81 gamer motherboard
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asus h81 gamer motherboard

Asus H81 Gamer motherboard review.

hello and welcome to this quick review for the New ASUS H81 gamer motherboard .
As i bought this motherboard , and have built it myself i thought id give everyone the low down on its pros and cons.
This motherboard supports the latest 4th generation core i3 , i5 , i7 processors.
The board is very easy to set up and has a very modern bios interface which is almost like windows.
The motherboard can have up to 32gb of ddr3 1600mhz ram in 4 slots , comes with a very good onboard sound chip called the asus fx 7.1 which is around the same as a sound blaster XFI.
Has onboard graphics and supports turbo mode , this board is able to be overclocked as well, has 1 pci express x16 slot so no crossfire, which is a down point , but no one really has 2 graphics cards?
The motherboard has plenty of PCI slots to add other cards and is very easy to understand.
When building this motherboard please make sure that you have a 8 pin 12v rail connector on your psu as this board has the newer power outlets and needs a bit more to run it , please also bear in mind that you,ll need a good power supply over 500watts to be able to run it at full wack!
The motherboard also has a red light where the sound card is which is very cool.
the only down point is when running 4 dims in the ram slot it will run the memory at 1333mhz speed and not the full 1600 mhz as restricted by the chipset.

Overall a wicked motherboard at a great value , highly recomended and well put together , selling at £70 mark this board is better than the Z97-pro and similar motherboards priced higher, so please do take a look at this board online at e-bay or Amazon.



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