Review of Royal Mail's AirSure

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I have used this service twice.   The first time two years ago when I sent an International Bankers Draft to an investment company in Dallas, Texas.  It was never seen again.   Royal Mail claim it left the UK; United States Postal Service says it never got to the USA.    
I filed a claim with the Royal Mail and after months of investigation, the item was declared lost and RM reimbursed the postage fee with apologies.

On June 15th, 2012, I needed to send a legal document to my brother in California.   I thought, surely, Royal Mail's AirSure will be OK this time.
Fool!!!    It is now almost August and that document has never arrived.   RM tracking says it left the UK on June 16th; USPS tracking says "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment".   That means the item never left the UK.   

Royal Mail misrepresents the service of Airsure on its website.  It leads the consumer to believe that a posted item will be tracked at 6 different points from origin to final destination.  It does not!   It tracks only to its departure from the UK and I hold that it with great contempt.  

If you look at other consumer reviews concerning Airsure, you will see it is given 2 out of 5 stars with many people complaining about lost or very delayed deliveries.   AirSure needs to be investigated - urgently.    People using this service are not sending loveletters or birthday cards.  We are sending important documents most probably which need to get to their destinations promptly.   Again, AirSure service is supposed to get there a day earlier than normal post.

I am filing another claim.   This time, at least, I insured the item due to the amount of solicitor's fees it took to produce and notarise the document sent.   I was a fool, indeed, but a more cautious fool.     

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