Review of a scammer: lesley695

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hi, i was looking at the high spec gaming computers today when i noticed one that looked rather good so i went on it and everything seemed ok. however i looked at the sellers feedback and it was only 6 so i investigated as someone with only 6 feedback that sells items for £4000+ seems fishy. at a glance it was obvious that he had made 2 tempory accounts and traded between them to get his feedback up to 5, its very obvious because his tempory accounts that he used both had 1 feedback and had said simular things which reccommended lesley695.

the 6th feedback was from his first victim which had recived the computer but it was very different from the item descryption and had problems which means that lesley695 had only sent him the dodgey computer so he cant get reported for 'item not recived'. not the feedback left was positive probally because lesley695 promised him a refund if he left positive feedback.

hopefully now you know not to deal with this seller and to be more aware of the selers feedback before you buy something.

and ebay, please ban this seller before he finds another victim to scam!!
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