Reward Your Buyers!

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Over the years I've accumulated lots of random items, many small bits and pieces that fill out a drawer at home. Most are left overs from previous collections or a craze long since faded.
Not wanting to throw them away, I started including them as bonus items with my main ebay auctions - not as an advertised part of the item description, but as a complete surprise when the buyer receives his auction piece in the mail. Not only is it a great way of recycling things I no longer need, but it is also a nice thing to do.

If possible I try to pick an item that has some connection/theme with the auction item that has been bid for; e.g. trading card packs/promo cards to go with a trading card box, or a postcard of a Ferrari put in with a book on Supercars etc. Once I sold a movie press kit to an American bidder and with it I included a spare official movie location map for locations in the UK that had been used in recent famous films. By thematically paring up auction item and bonus item, there is obviously a much greater chance of the bonus item being appreciated/re-used.

Now obviously if you have a lot of clutter/stuff lying around, I know that you could easily auction those items themselves. But I had such a wide variety of things that collecting them all together into their own auction would see such a random clash of trinkets that I really do not think that single big auction would be attractive or appealing to anyone.

I don't have something to go with everything I send out, but where appropriate I will always try to see if I can add that little something extra. As a bidder I have received additional freebies before and it always makes me feel both valued and encourages me to remember the seller for future auction searches.
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