Rhubarb Victoria Seeds, sowing and growing information

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Rhubarb Victoria Seeds, sowing and growing information

Rhubarb Victoria
Sow Spring time  outdoors, in seed bed 1" deep,  Thin out to 12" apart
Transplant to permanent positions during the following autumn/winter.
Dig the soil to a depth of 2ft or more . Dig in plenty of organic matter , it has to last a long time rhubarb doesn’t tolerate disturbance once established . Prepare the site about 4 weeks in advance of planting to give it time to settle.

Drainage is important and as the crop will be there for a number of years, eradicate all perennial weeds prior to planting. Plant the crown with the growing point at, or just below, the soil surface. On wetter soils plant the bud just above the soil to prevent rotting. Space plants 1m (3ft) apart, with 1-1.8m (3-6ft) between rows.

Every year after the leaves have died down, spread a new layer of garden compost or other well-rotted organic material around . Try to mulch around the crowns rather than burying them. This will conserve water and help prevent weeds

Harvest - Do not pull sticks until the second year after planting.Harvest in the second year – Spring to Summer

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