Rhyswestlighting CON MAN BEWARE

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Beware of this seller AKA rhyswestlightingandsound123.

I bid and won a rotating amber beacon from this seller 3 months ago - a modest £8.73 including P+P. He quickly sent me a reminder to pay through ebay, and I duly sent immediate payment through Paypal and awaited delivery.

After waiting for a week, I contacted him to see when it had been dispatched, and received a reply demanding another £20!! I requested a refund of my money and didn't get a reply. After going through Ebays dispute procedure, he offered me a cheque or if I waited - a Paypal refund. I chose the Paypal refund and that is the last I heard from him.

He will not reply to my emails asking for my money back (which he has had and obviously spent.) This is blatant theft and people like this should not be allowed anywhere near other Ebayers money!

His feedback now leaves a lot to be desired, and reflects my rantings accordingly

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