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Richard laymon was born in Chicago in 1947. He grew up in California and has a BA in English Literature from Willamette University, Oregon, and an MA from Loyola University, Los Angeles. He has worked as a schoolteacher, a librarian and as a report writer for a law firm. Before his untimely death on February 14th 2001, he lived in California with his wife and daughter.

My first introduction to Richard Laymon was when I read his book "Island". I had never heard of him prior to this but have been hooked ever since. Compared to many of my favourite writers of the horror genre, Laymon had no idea on how to hold back. It is always full steam ahead and there are no barriers to what he penned from his imagination. Laymon isn't for every horror fan. He was certainly not afraid to delve deep into the horror and shock of the genre. He was certainly not afraid to add a good share of sexual titillation, which personally, I found unnecessary at times and more of a distraction and/or hindrance to the flow of the story.

Talking about flow of story, Laymon is one of the best page turners. If you like to take time reading books the Laymon is not for you. Once started you will be wanting to read just a few more pages, perhaps just one more chapter. More often than not the pace is relentless. Unlike most novels and indeed movies, no one is safe in a Laymon novel. Heroes, heroines, saviors and villians; none are safe. Don't feel assured that the main character/s will see the last page, or that good will always be triumphant. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. Laymon has the knack of building his characters such that you grow to love them, then he shocks you with their outcome. You have been warned! as the saying goes, "It aint over til the Fat Lady gets mullard".

His books include:

After Midnight, Alarums, Allhallow's Eve, Amara, Among The Missing, The Beast House, Beware, Bite, Blood Games, Body Rides, The Cellar, Come Out Tonight, Cuts, Dark Mountain, Darkness, Tell Us, Dreadful Tales, Endless Night, Fiends, Flesh, Friday Night In Beast House, Funland, The Glory Bus, Halloween Mouse, In The Dark, Island, The Lake, Midnight's Lair, The Midnight Tour, Night In The Lonesome October, Night Show, No Sanctuary, Once Upon A Halloween, One Rainy Night, Out Are The Lights, Quake, Resurrection Dreams, Savage, The Stake, The Travelling Vampire Show, The Woods Are Dark and several others including non-horror and short stories.

Phew, what a lot.

Happy hunting and happy reading..........

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