Ride-on Lawnmowers & Tractors

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If your lawn seems like a bit too much for a lawnmower (or if you're just tired of pushing), it's time to consider a lawn or garden tractor. These machines can make quick and easy work of your lawn chores and many offer uses that go beyond simply cutting the grass.
Lawn tractors and ride on lawnmowers come in many different horsepower's and sizes of cut. Here are a few simple criteria for determining what size tractor you need.

Cutting Width & Engine Size
Make sure you get the right tractor for your lawn size.

1/2 to 1 acre — For a lawn this size, you will need a cutting width of up to 36" and an engine with at least 11hp.

1 to 2 acres — If your lawn falls into this category, a lawn tractor with a 36" or 42" deck and an engine from 14 to 16 HP is necessary.

3 Acres or more — If your lawn is in this extra large grouping, you'll want a garden tractor with a 42"-48" deck and an engine of 18-20 HP.

Ride on lawnmower or Garden Tractor
If you will be using the mower just for cutting grass, a ride on lawnmower is fine. If you will be using the tractor to pull ground engaging attachments, such as a plow, disc harrow or tiller, you will need a garden tractor. A garden tractor has a heavier frame and transmission, larger rear wheels, and is also appropriate for larger mowing jobs.
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