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I surely cannot be the only person that has noticed this, People tend to think Ebay is the cheapest place to shop & i'm sure this i correct in most cases BUT! i see do a lot of people selling things for more money than that the shops charge.

My examples are formula 1 items i see many people selling a metal 3D chrome keyring myself included, but why do the others claim that the RRP is £34.99? have a look at the Renault web site the RRP is only £9.99 also the large ING bag is being sold for over £26.99 yet the RRP is only £24.99 & Renault will NOT charge you for postage!

I go to race meetings & yes many shops that are selling on the day ARE cashing in on the fans but if you realy want something that you think might only be available on Ebay STOP think again & contact a supplier directly first you might be supprised.

I recently contacted parks Renault for some Formula 1 items from their own catalouge, I asked for an ING bag £24.99 two small ING flags £4.00 an ING mug £9.99 & two phone charms £9.98 total cost £48.96 free P&P

Now thats a good price.. but even better they only took £40.00 & threw in many extras, a team spirit shirt, key rings, mugs & a teddy for my daughter. the big companys will never rip off the genuine fan..

PS many thanks to Mike at Parks

So dont be fooled Shop around. I hope this advice helps at least one person...

PPS i dont work for Renault I'm just a fan.....


I happen to notice that Ebay have put some auctions down the side of this rant please note

Check out renault sports officail website the sale is worth joining the site for the discounts...

I am not out to hinder the sellers as everyone wants to make a profit, BUT i am out to help the genuine fan from being riped off.


I have wanted an official ING shirt since the begining of the 2007 season but looking on Ebay i have always thought that

sellers asking prices were WAY too much, they varied from £75 +P&P up to £100 + P&P ....

So my wife decided to supprise me recently & bought me the official 2007 ING shirt directly from Parks Renault

Total cost £68 with FREE P&P the shirt came directly from the Renault supplier in France..

UPDATE!!! 23-11-07

I just bought the 1/2 scale Kovalinan helmet from parks Renault RRP £80.00 Ebay £110.00 average

Parks Direct £60.00 free postage - Yet again Ebay sucks with its prices..

Genuine supplier 2 Ebay 0


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