Ripped off by babass 73 - ardennes loto, henards

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Dear All,

I am afraid I am yet another muppet who has been ripped off.  It is laughable when I look back and of course 'If it looks too good to be true, then it definitely is!'.  So buyer beware.  My advise for high end photography equipment is to buy it from a high street store and the couple of hundred you think you are saving on Ebay is paid back 10 times over in customer service and piece of mind.

So, to my story - someone called Babass 73, Ardennes Loto (probably French for heartless git) - was selling an Canon 1 series digital camera.  It looked like a bargain, a great package, so I bid and won by being a second chance winner (another type of scam I am now led to believe).  I had checked the feedback (all well) and emailed the seller several times to try and reassure myself that it was genuine (I have the emails to prove this) and all seemed well.

So, I paid by Paypal (thinking I was protected) and waited.  After a couple of weeks nothing arrived so I contacted him and he said I had to wait longer.  So I did - a week or so later I contacted him again and he told me that he was having trouble buying the item and getting it through American customs.  So, the guy didnt even have the item when I was bidding!  Anyway after another week or so I lodged a complaint with ebay and paypal and tried to get my money back.  He refused and said that I was stopping him trading, like some other people had - which really started the alarm bells ringing.  Anyway the best I could do was get $175 back from Paypal - which I didnt know until this point, I thought I was covered no matter how much I spent.  So out of $2200 I got back $175, big deal and thanks Ebay and Paypal for being so caring and concerned - NOT!

I then contacted the police who were next to useless and because he was not in England they couldnt really do anything - silly things like the cost of it.  So much for the World getting smaller and things like telephones and email oh yeah and justice!

I contacted my bank and logged a fraud case with them - although I still havent had official confirmation yet, they have told me verbally that because I did it through my current account and that it was a peer to peer transaction, then it isnt really fraud and they cant help me.  So, what the difference between someone not sending you something that you have paid for and not receiving a service that you have paid for ( from Jessops for example - by the Jessops are a top retailer) is anyones guess!  I will take this further, and if anyone has any tips please do not hesitate to contact me.

So, summary, Ebay, Paypal, the Police and my bank (the 'there is another way' bank) have so far proved to me that this babass 73 has set up a very effective scam.  As long as the person who ends up getting ripped off is not in their country then no problem.

I just wished these clowns spent as much time trying to do something good for the world as they do thinking of ways to rip people off - the world would be a much much better place for one and all!

If anyone can help with this then please do not hesitate to get in touch, and Ebay, if you do read this then instead of stopping it being published perhaps you could help me get my money back and stop people like babass 73 trading for good.


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