Risk of buying from Hong Kong (Dropshippers)

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A friend of myn recently bought an electrical item from someone located in Hong Kong.

He got the item in a few days though soon realized it was a bad purchase. The product was cheap, stopped working and overall crap. So he contacted the seller and the seller asked my friend to send the item back, This was all fine until he told us to send it to the UK!

We soon realized the seller is in fact a Dropshipper.

a dropshipper is someone who sells products on behalf of another company at a higher price to make a small amount of profit. All good, but the only problem with this is that the seller:

1) Has no control over his stock.
2) Chances of getting a quick refund are low

Overall its just a really hard situation to get out of.

So if you buying an electrical product ask them things that only the product holder would know, For example size, features etc, just to be 100% sure ;)

Hope this helps
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