Robertson's Golly Badges Do's and Don'ts

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This was my first ever golly badge I received by sending off the tokens to Robertson & Sons when I was very young!  I went through a phase of collecting the lovely items and then years down the line, I decided to try and carry on collecting via auction sites to broaden my collection.
I came across a few pitfalls however and thought I'd share these with you to try and ensure none of you fall into the same traps.  The main problem out there is fakes - but it's a big problem.  I managed to buy some genuine brooches but also managed to end up with some fakes too :(
Usually you can tell by the quality of the badge if it is fake or not but often, in the case of eBay, once you've bought it, some sellers won't accept returns. 
I should point out that perhaps not all sellers realise they are selling fakes - if they have obtained them unknowingly, selling for a friend etc, they may just see the brooches as genuine.  Some fakes are pretty good fakes!
The main thing to look for is the reverse of the badge.  Most of the badges have Robertson's printed on the reverse several time.  You can research backstamps on the internet so that you can easily see which type are genuine and which are not.  Most of the golly badges from the 80s (I had about 12 or so) had the multiple Robertson's backstamp on the reverse.
Try and do some research into the actual badge you are looking to buy ... can you find someone else online (google is your friend) who has purchased this badge so that you can perhaps see the reverse of it?  Does the badge actually exist as an official one released by Robertson's?  You can find some collector websites where people love to list their golly badges and photos.  If the one you want is listed on any other collector's site, then it is likely it is genuine.  If avid collectors don't own it, then why don't they own the one you're interested in bidding for?
The 'interest' in a badge on eBay will also give you a good clue.  If there are multiple bids, then obviously someone is very interested in the item.  If it looks good, there's only 15 minutes to go, then something would worry me about that.  Why is no-one bidding?  Is it fake? 
Some golly badges do fetch good money now - as they should!  They are fab items and highly collectable but please do be aware of the fakes out there as they are not worth the money.
Finally always check the quality and ask for multiple photos.  The best quality badges are going to hold their value more than others!
Happy golly hunting!
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