Rock Band 2 for the Playstation 3

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Just a quick guide note to prospective buyers of the U.S. version of this great game.  The U.S. version works fine with U.K. PS3 systems but you won't be able to download any additional songs.  This is because the game will try to log into the U.K. store but won't be recognised, as it's a U.S. game.  You can manually add another account from the XMB with a U.S. address which will then allow the game to log onto the U.S. store but you won't be able to buy anything without a credit card registered to a U.S. address !  In short, if you don't want any DLC then go ahead and buy the U.S. version.  If you do, then avoid it unless you have access to a U.S. credit card !
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