Rock and Republic..... REAL OR FAKE???

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There are so many people selling fakes on ebay and it is now getting harder to spot the fakes so i am going to give a few tips and pointers on how tro spot these!!

  •  Rock & Republic jeans are long in length the leg length is normally 33" or more unless they have been altered
  •  There are no strech in the real thing they should be nice and tight.
  •  The small tags with R & R. The r`s must have their back to eachother. One on close to the button, and one on the right back pocket.
  •  The jeans will look perfect and will have no faults with the crown or the denim.
  •  There are 2 "tags" inside the pants. One with size, and one with wash instructions. The size must not be printed on the tag!!!
  • The crown should fill almost the whole of the back pocket and the diamonds shouyld be perfectly centrered.
  • The bags that the jeans come in shoudl have the brand name on the front not just a plain bag
  • Avoid buying jeans from people with 0 feedback
  • Avoid buying jeans from ebayers with locations from asia

I hope this guide has been of help and will help you make good choices to buying rock and republic jeans in the future


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