Roger Waters - In The Flesh - Live

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For many Floyd fans, Sid Barrett was the hero of the group. Gilmour merely stepped in to fill the gap left by a drug fried Barrett yet it is Mr Gilmour who attracts most attention and is seen by many as being 'Pink Floyd'.  For me, it is Roger Waters that has produced the most melodic tunes. I have tried getting on with Gilmour's solo efforts but just do not find the music that stimulating. Roger Waters' output however has been imaginative and exciting. Radio KAOS and The Pros and Cons of Hitch-hiking were very much in the Floyd vein with lots of snippets of conversation buzzing about the stereo image. Amused To Death was Roger's piece de resistance. Almost theatrical in it's production it's what Lloyd Webber might've turned out if he could write decent tunes! In deed It's A Miracle pays homage to the monster that is L-W with a hilarious line that wills the piano lid crushing his fingers. Getting onto this DVD it features Roger's mates of old - Andy Fairweather-Lowe looks like a bank manager in his grey suit but his playing is immaculate. The band is tight and true to the original studio recordings and even RW's voice is good. I thought his vocals suffered in the Berlin Wall video, never managing to hit those hysterical high spots but on this DVD there is no cause for complaint.  A superb concert from start to finish that will please Floyd lovers everywhere.
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