Rogue traders selling lidl's cheap 4 line kites

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I have been browsing the listings and noticed a lot of people trying to flog a kite previously sold by Lidl's for £6.95

If you bother you are wasting £20 of hard earned cash.

We bought one from Lidl's when they had them and it broke within 15 seconds due to its very brittle struts, Learnt a lesson and the handles ended up being useful.

Don't let these people get away with this kind of cheap reselling!

The kites in question are 4 line stunts which are retailing on ebay at around 18 pounds. There is a few around so easily spotted.

Do some research and get something branded. I can recommend HQ's stuff if you are looking for a beginners kite. I recently bought their symphony beach 1.7m power kite and it is really good fun!

Edit: Since I wrote this things are not any better.. there are still a lot of cheap 4 line kites which were originally half the price they are currently being sold for. To put this into perspective a true revolution 4 line kite retails at 130 pounds plus. You cannot get a usable decent 4 line kite for £18 and even then it is a complete ripoff as they have then been marked up over 100% Don't be a mug!

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