Roland TD & Electronic Drums scams!!

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Just another reminder to people to be careful of scammers trying to sell Roland drum kits.

Obvious signs are:  seller asks you to use email direct before bidding to an address outside of ebay, seller is out of the country, says money can be transferred using Western Union or will be securely held by Market Safe or Ebay Harbor Safe until you have received the goods - etc.

They usually use old listings that you may well recognise if you've been tracking recent items, they then tag their bit of nonsense with their email address at the bottom - often in bad english. Or they don't even make the effort and use a generic picture from another website.

There is no reason for anyone except shops selling new unpacked items, for people not to use shots of the real thing.

As an example - this is a reply received after I emailed my interest to a scammer who hijacked someone's account and posted a TD12 system with a generous starting price of £2 on 23rd August:

"I will take GBP 700, if you are ready to close this transaction now. The unit is new and it's comming from London, UK.  As for payment I will only take western union as it's fast and simple to use, shipment will be trough fedex priority service insurance is included and you will get your item within 72 hours, however, I will provide tracking information in the meantime. After product is received, you will have a 15 day inspection period, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can send it back and you will get a full refund.... After all these have been said, the ball is in your court. Thanks
Joel "

There can be 2 or 3 listings like this each day - most are usually taken down by ebay quite quickly, some slip through the net.

Be careful!!

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