Rosettes on ebay - you get what you pay for!

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If you are looking for rosettes on ebay, be careful because you only get what you pay for.  This review has been written by a competent and quality rosette designer, maker and supplier, who knows what they are talking about.

We have been buying and supplying rosettes for years and are experienced enough to know the difference between the good and bad ones.  We don;t advertise because all our rosettes are sold by word of mouth, and occasionally on ebay.  Several test purchases were made on ebay and some of the rosettes supplied were atrocious.  Some were coming apart, out of shape, had glue on the ribbon, tiers not straight, poor quality ribbon , centres not straight and some even were glued straight onto the backing disc, making them flimsy.

There are far too many people listing rosettes on ebay that are badly made, using ribbon and centres bought from a third party supplier, who has probably promised them that they can make money doing it.  These rosettes are, in a word, tatty, not usually made with enough care or worth the price asked.  Some people are buying these rosette components, slinging them together and trying to make a quick buck.  It doesn't work like that.  We have done a tremendous amount of market research and continual design work goes into producing rosettes worth paying for.  The problem is, that the poor quality rosettes currently for sale on ebay are making problems for the suppliers who concentrate on quality.

Top quality rosettes do cost money, but are worth paying for.  Your event will not be well received if you present poor quality rosettes at your show.  Cheap rosettes may be enticing, but before you know it you're stuck with some rubbish made by someone in their spare time.

Don't get conned - if rosettes offered on ebay look too cheap, don't be tempted.  It may look like a good deal, but only get what you pay for.  As they say, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.  Having made several test purchases, we can only conclude that the majority of rosettes on ebay are just not good enough.





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