Royal Dutch - 'Porceleyne' 'Fles' Delft Cloisonné Tiles

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Royal Dutch - 'Porceleyne' 'Fles' Delft Cloisonné Tiles

Produced at the same factory in Delft between 1917 and 1997 - currently making other items and has a wonderful museum.

Everyone knows of the many products this wonderful company produced and for that matter still does at the original factory from way way back. But among the items the factory made was a certain type of tile know as Cloisonné this is where there is a raised area outlining each colour within the tile. These became so expensive that the factory stopped production in the late 1970's.

To day they are highly collectible. If you hunt through the listings on this auction site you will come across them now and then. Most can be found in Holland, but they also pop up in Germany, UK and the USA.  Often the tiles that show up outside Holland are the tourist type tiles taken home from holidays. However there is a vast number of other tiles to collect. Yes the usual windmills, but animals, to town shields to buildings. Plus some very rare Christmas tiles done each year from 1946 for 9 years.  In 1946 a series of tiles were produced of the war time suffering Holland felt from the war.  But most tiles were one off's with perhaps a right hand or left hand version.

Buying on this auction site I have found is not a major problem. Just to make sure the description of the tile is as it should be. The old rule of buy the best applies to tiles and broken or repaired tiles should be avoided. nibbles or flea bites are not the end of the world. Depends a lot on if you have the item in your collection. 

The tiles are designed to hand on the wall and most have double holes to allow this, but sometimes there is a single cut out in the back to take a hook. 

Like all things on eBay you get the good and not so good sellers. Feedback is very important so do check it out, recommendation is also good if available. 

Postage from overseas for a tile is a worry. But I have only had one arrive broken in over 200 buys overseas. Sellers tend to pack them well. Postal costs from Holland for a single tile costs in 2016 April around £15 but some sellers try to charge a lot more. Often email can get an agreement to the shipping price. Most traders will take PayPal but a lot want payment by IBAN or BIC bank payment which can be expensive from the UK, but often an email can sort this out and the seller will allow payment by PayPal. I have found most Dutch sellers speak and write excellent English, they put us to shame in the UK.  Buying tiles from the USA is very expensive due to postage and UK customs which does not apply to items from Europe.

There are books about the subject available and one of the very best is often on this auction site by MartinVan Leeuwin who has issued a large colour folder book that runs in to about 200 pages.. last updated in 2016. He also does a book about 'Westerhaven' who made a similar tile. But collectors either love them or hate them.. bit like Marmite.

A tile can set you back as little as £10.00.. yes I got one on UK eBay recently for that price plus postage of £4.45. But in Holland start thinking about £50 upwards and a Christmas tile will set you back over £400. A large ship tile can be a lot more than that. 

Go on hunt out some and have a look.... good luck

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